Tuesday, 12 April 2011


                         Youth is not a time of life;it is a state of mind,
                          It is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips and supple knees;
                          It is a matter of the will,
                          A quality of the imagination, a vigour of the emotions;                                               
                          It is the freshness of deep springs of life.  
These lines are so meaningful in today's era . Today our country needs the powerful support by the youth and this is the only thing that can help our nation to get developed in different fields which are still left untouched.
As described in above lines youth is not a period of time but it is a purest and the most effective time in one's life during which a person has the ability to think right and more about nation.
This is the state when one person can make his way - either good or bad,- either favorable or against... so its all about what a person has learnt and want to impose on his lifestyle. It is said that it is the freshness means a pure and the blank stage which can be polluted by the impurities of  society and can also attain the oxidized air of the green area (the goodness of society). Thats why now at this stage of time when the country is suffering from the pathetic condition , it is needed for the youth to come and make their tongue(language) more powerful and filled with patriotism.
The time has come when we have to fight collectively to develop the undeveloped part of the society. 

Saturday, 9 April 2011


Its been a very hot topic this year and always pinches my mind making me think more about it but still i don't reach the conclusion. Sometimes i think it has to be implemented and sometimes i don't. Yes , you got it right i am talking about the " EUTHANASIA"  (mercy killing).
Its definition states that one who wants to escape the pain and sufferings of life can opt for euthanasia. But why till now no step is taken by the authorities to make it legal in the country. 
But a question that always makes me think is whether it is correct to choose death or not? Is there only one way to get rid of the pain and sufferings? This is what i want to ask you all .
Last year a movie based on the same topic reached the cinema hall showing the truth and the actual condition of the person who is totally inactive. And inactivity symbolizes death. So when god has already decided to offer death then why cant they choose death?
A nurse ,Aruna Shanbaug , punished with extremely bad conditions is still made to live her life . A life with no meaning and objective but as a burden on others. 
So the question arises, whether the Euthanasia should be legalized in Indian society or not ?

Thursday, 7 April 2011


Before writing my first blog , i was very nervous about result. I was thinking whether my effort will be praised or not?
But after writing i achieved a lot ,in particular, the confidence. Many great writers came and blessed me with their comments which was a token of encouragement and support for me and will always help me write more and more.
So , i decided to thank all sirs and madams who made my day. Thank you all, for those encouraging words that made me more stronger and passionate to write. I will need all your support and guidance in future also and expect that you all will always bless me and forgive me if i commit any mistake.

And yes i will never forget to thank my uncle (mama ji) who made all this possible .He is my inspiration . His powerful and influencing articles have life and each word speaks out the fact that is what i try to impose on my writings.

                                     "THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING SO KIND"

Wednesday, 6 April 2011


SHARE YOUR TONGUE: DO U THINK ANNA HAZAREJI'S STRUGGLE WILL WORK?: "Corruption is still uprooting the strength of our nation and it has shown many terrible forms in last few months but no step is taken agains..."


Corruption is still uprooting the strength of our nation and it has shown many terrible forms in last few months but no step is taken against it.
Again a great man has stood up to fight against corruption- politician's best friend. he has decided to organize hunger-strike till death. what do you think , he will get success in his attempt? well i don't think so ! as we all know today every third person is corrupt so how can we even think that the people following him are honest? and when fighters are also corrupt, how can we think about victory? 
now u tell me can he really achieve what he desires. no, i dont think. for this a very strong and deciding step has to be taken forward by all of us. and i hope at the end of the day we will come out with a  promising news...

                                   " LET'S GO AND FIGHT FOR OUR NATION "
                                                  JAI HIND , JAI BHARAT